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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DART's bag size limit?

DART can create bags of almost any size, provided you have enough disk space. Several APTrust depositors have used DART to create and upload bags in the 500 GB - 800 GB range. The largest so far has been 1.5 TB.

Things to look out for when creating large bags

  • Be sure you have enough disk space to actually bag the files. In some cases, may need to reset the output path for a large bag, to point to an external drive. See the Output Path setting in packaging for details.
  • If you're bagging files from a shared network drive with a spotty connection, the bagging operation may fail if the network connection is interrupted. In these cases, you may have more success creating ten 10 GB bags than one 100 GB bag.
  • DART validates bags after it creates them, and can take hours to validate very large bags. DART spends most of this time validating file checksums against the manifests. Be patient!
  • Uploading large bags to an S3 or SFTP server can take a long time, especially if your network connection is slow or unreliable.
  • The maximum size for S3 objects is 5 TB. If you create a bag larger than that, you will not be able to upload it to S3. SFTP file size limits are set individually for each system by the administrator.