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APTrust Preservation Services

Welcome to the official documentation for APTrust's preservation services, also called Preserv. This documentation is intended for people who will have to maintain Preserv and dig into its internals. These pages present an overview of the system's components, what they do, and how they fit together.

You should find enough info in these pages to troubleshoot ingest and restoration problems on live systems, and to know which parts of the source code to look at if you're going to make changes.

This documentation does not aim to get down into the details of the code. The code itself is well commented where necessary.

Why did you name it preservation-services?

So you know what it does. In the past, APTrust has created projects like Fluctus, Pharos, EarthDiver, and SunDancer. Any idea what those things do?

Alrighty, then. I like to be clear, like this guy:

Now!... That should clear up a few things around here!